Over the past twenty years we have nurtured and perfected a simple yet highly successful methodology for providing accurate, timely, and cost effective professional engineering services for our clients.


In the initial planning stages a clear scope of work is established to familiarize ourselves with the client’s needs and the project's specific requirements. This is done to facilitate effective scheduling and budgeting control over the design of various engineering systems. A specific project team is then created matching the talents of the EMTG professionals to the technical demands of the project. With each new project, our organization carefully considers the appropriate staffing requirements. It is this flexibility that allows us to increase our responsiveness to clients.


Project engineering budgets are established with an eye toward initial cost, effective technical solutions, as well as future operating and life cycle costs. EMTG seeks close participation of the Owner and Architect at this stage to insure feasibility and to highlight compromises to be made by each participant. After the budgets are developed, periodic in-house meetings are held to monitor costs through the entire design phase of a project.


Engineering design schedules are developed to allow careful monitoring of the production milestones within the owners and architect’s overall time frame of plans and specification production. To keep a project on track we are flexible and sensitive to each project. EMTG has considerable experience with fast-tracking projects, and has participated in design build collaborations to expedite schedules or to meet the specific needs of the project. We recognize the importance of completing a project design on time as well as within budget. We work as a team to effectively interface with the Owner and consultants to achieve the solutions that allow the project to move forward. This may consist of segmenting the project or utilizing data from previous experience during the normal course of the project.


EMTG is praised for its' ability to provide well coordinated engineering plans even for the most complex assignments. Interaction for sake of better project coordination with architects, owners, and specialty consultants is a top priority for our project managers. This results in a carefully coordinated engineering document for accuracy and consistency.


We write our own specification tailored and customized to each project consistent with leading industry standard specification. We do not use separate staff for writing engineering specifications. At EMTG the people who design the engineering systems are responsible for writing and tailoring the specifications.

Shop Drawings

The design engineer for the project is also responsible for reviewing the shop drawings and responding to field questions from owners, architects, and contractors. We provide a timely and comprehensive review of all shop drawings related to our trades. EMTG minimizes the potential for future project delays by putting special emphasis on the shop drawing review stage.

Post Completion Review

EMTG has an obligation to clients even well beyond the design and construction phase of a project. We provide a Punch List report to our clients just before their occupancy which is a comprehensive review making sure installed systems are as per our design and specification, while contractors are still on site, and further to ensure optimum system performance.